Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sanctuary: A Touch of Blue

I found this lovely object yesterday, as I wandered home from the yoga studio:

Somewhere in our neighbourhood, another nest of robins is being cherished by its parents, until the occupants are ready to take flight and set out on their own.  No doubt, some of their food supply comes from the masses of Western tent caterpillars crawling down the city streets.The squirmy creatures are heading for tree trunks, but they take strange routes sometimes. I caught this guy just now, as he retreated from the yoga mat I'm drying on the railing:

For you, Coleen, a ladybug, nestled in the cat mint between the two fading old fir trees in the front yard:

And here am I, behind my camera, a part of it all:

(All best wishes and good thoughts for you today, Edward.)

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