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Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Goin' Home: Departures/Arrivals

The younger DD's and Mr. DD have gone off in search of a specialty hotdog stand, on this, our last full day in Kelowna.  I have stayed behind with Morris, who is overwhelmed by having all the DD's in one place and was a horrible little shit on his walk this morning, nearly pulling Mr. DD's arm out of his socket on the way to the coffee shop and back.  (This, of course, is what happens when I brag about how well behaved he has been on our trip.)

Yesterday, we walked along the beach where Morris was admired by everyone and admired them back-unless you were intoxicated (and not an immediate family member), in which case, you got a warning snap and a stern bark, cautioning you against any liberties you might be thinking of taking.  Mr. DD and I were just the appendages on the end of the leash; we're used to this by now.  After all, who could not love this guy? (Or guys, I should say.)

At the moment, all is not well between Man and Dog, so I am policing the dog house.  This storm shall pass.

Young Mr. DD arrived by bus from Vancouver last night.  He leaves tomorrow at noon and we will head back, too, after we've dropped him off at the bus depot.  It's been a very quick visit, never long enough, but I'm grateful for the brief times we have. Much as I loved being at home with my children when they were young, I may love being with them as adults even more. They are wonderful people, intelligent, thoughtful and kind; we have long conversations about movies, books, music, yoga and the meaning of All. I will miss this. I hope there are many more opportunities for visits and late night chats, but one never knows what comes next, so it's wise to appreciate the Moment.

Departures signal arrivals.  We head home to work for me-I'm eager to see what the children have been weaving and to throw myself into the final days of tapestry before the Big Showcase.  There are classes to teach and others that require preparation, as Fibre Week will be the next big adventure, in the final days of June.  I miss Bodhi Tree studio.  Today is a teacher training day, which I enjoy to exhaustion.  I've been attending to my readings, but I didn't get to a yoga class while I was here, so I look forward to moving into asanas. 

Today, there is this to enjoy:

And these little ones, out on their first swim in the sanctuary:

This guy, Rambo, one of Ms. DD's five cats, doesn't seem as pleased with me as I am with him, but I enjoy him, anyway:

It's my great, good fortune to be here, in this place, able to contemplate heading out on a new journey to an old place. 


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