Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Oh, What a Lovely Evening! Prairie Sky School's Gala

Last night's Gala, "Tapestry in Nature," at Prairie Sky School was wonderful.  There were hands-on displays, performances, food and drink for all.  Margaret, the show's curator, students, teachers and staf, arranged the show to its best advantage.

I enjoyed my residency at Prairie Sky very much and hope to continue working with these children and others in a similar capacity.  For now, I'd like to show you some of what went on through the year and last night.  Best of all, with their parents' permission, you'll see some of those faces behind all that impressive weaving:

The tapestry with all of our bags.  This photo does not do the pieces justice.  They were stunning!

Mar taught the children how to spin.

While I wove with the older children, Anna worked with the kindergarten students.

Mar sewed pocket dolls with the children.

Isaac with his beautiful, colourful bag that reminded many people of the prairies.

Isaac, showing his father how to weave.

Finn, who, besides being a weaver, is an accomplished pianist.  He just won two scholarships from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Congratulations!

Emma, so happy to have completed her bag!

Duncan, who is a passionate spinner.

Alex, who loves performing.

Shakti.  We discovered that Shakti's grandmother, Carol, attended my spinning classes. Now, Shakti has learned to weave.  How cool is that?

Andrew, who took charge of the free-form tapestry.

Mahalia (aka Mint) posing with her bag.

Zeke, with his bag.  Zeke wove a good section of the  large tapestry 's sky.

Kaz, who took the lead on weaving the large tapestry and who has a great future as a fibre artist, should he choose to take that path.  

Some of the students were not in attendance, while others were too busy having a great time to have their photos taken.  So, in addition to thanking Kim (the school's director), Jodie, Eagle, Leah, Kendra, Shawn, Shayna, all the other artists, teachers, staff and parents who were involved in the project, I'd like to give special thanks to Mihailo, Rosco, Thais, Anna, Matthew, Aiden, Gwen, Marcus, Ethan, Phoenix, who all helped out in making this project the success it was.


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