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Study for Meditation Mat
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lament for a Sock: A Shameless Request

Dear Readers,

As some of you know, as part of my karma practice, I knit yoga socks.  I usually give them away because people who want and appreciate them can't afford to pay the $120 for a pair, which would be the genuine price of these socks, considering the cost of the yarn and 8 hours of knitting at minimum wage. (Truth in advertising: the socks are not quite "free;" if you get a pair, it usually comes with a lecture as to why it costs $120 retail.  I'm hell-bent on educating the public about the cost of knitwear.) I work from my own design; the pattern is here, if you'd like to knit your own.  I love knitting these socks and the yarn, Noro Bonbori, is perfect for the set.

So, what's the problem?  Well, all good things must come to an end and Noro is famous for ending many of its yarns on a regular basis.  Bonbori is no exception-it was discontinued a while ago.  I was able to round up a few balls from Ravelry stashes, but sadly, I'm down to my last two, not-the-same-dye-lot balls and each pair takes two 50 gram balls. I haven't found a satisfactory substitute for the 94% wool/6% nylon blend.

Yes, I know there are other yarns.  Yes, I realize I could spin my own yarn.  There's just something about this Bonbori, though, that has me haunting the internet, searching websites for stray balls of yarn.  I no longer care about colours or having two the same, since Noro yarns are also known for long colour runs which don't match easily.

So, here's my plea: if you or anyone you know has stray balls of Noro Bonbori tucked away and you'd like to sell them, please let me know.  I will be forever grateful, perhaps grateful enough to knit you a pair in exchange for the goods or information leading to the acquisition of the elusive yarn.  (Yes, the socks will probably come with the lecture.)

If I don't find the yarn, the world will not end.  In fact, not finding Bonbori will be an excellent lesson in non-attachment, albeit one I would prefer not to practise at the moment.

In the mean time, here are the last sets of socks. Same dye lots, knitted from the same end of the balls. No two alike.  Isn't Noro just grand?

P.S. I'm keeping these because I realized that I kept one short, stray pair for myself; the rest are gone.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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