Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Colour My World

We've had lovely warm weather for most of October, so warm that the leaves on the bushes in our backyard are still green, which is unheard of here at this time of year.  There is that autumn crispness in the air, though, and the forecast is for a cooling off.  We know that cold, snow and winter are coming, so we had better think of ways to enjoy them.  In a very short time, we'll go from this:

To this:

I've been knitting like a fury the past few weeks, using my rather large stash of Noro yarns. They're almost the only commercial yarns I work with in my textiles; I love the colour changes, which can appear very random indeed, although  Noro Knitting magazine (#4) assures me that they are not. (Noro yarns are known for their very long colour runs, using a large number of colours. According to one of the articles in the magazine, theoretically, you might need to knit up to 320 yards before you reached the end of a full repeat. This explains a lot.)

My current passion has been winter wear, leggings and yoga socks mostly, with a cowl or two (reknitted from another hand spun cowl) thrown in for a change. I notice that my fall and winter wardrobe tends to blacks and greys-when I say "wardrobe," I mean t-shirts and sweaters over blue jeans, yoga pants or leggings-which can be pretty drab, but it does make adding colour easy because anything goes. I don't feel properly dressed in cooler weather unless I'm wearing at least three hand knitted or woven things, all of which should be bright enough to save a hunter in the woods.  (Not that I hunt in the woods, but the motorists around here seem to be hellbent on hunting pedestrians and it gets worse as darkness falls. My bright attire alerts them to my presence on the street.  I'm not sure if that's a good idea.)

As I work through the stash, I've build up this basket of accessories. With their rich, autumn colours, they make me happy just to look at them, but I think they'll make me even happier when I wear them:

Apart from the blue cowl and the shaggy leggings at centre right, everything else here is knitted using Noro yarns.



  1. Oh, my! That basket of finished objects looks so yummy. Fall colours indeed. I just bought five hanks of roving in beautiful autumn colours. Spinning is a new passion of mine and knitting is an old one and I love your banner that talks about the meditation of fibre arts. It certainly helps this old melancholic brain!