Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 2 August 2014


If I dare not speak
Who will listen?
If I do not break my silence, the Silence
Who will break?
If I do not speak, who will listen
To the cries of children, screaming, weeping?
Who will speak to this horror?
You, in anger, bullets flying, hatred flashing?
You, in ignorance, sunning yourself 
In your garden, as the fires beat and walls crumble
In a child’s garden, in a faraway land?
Ssh!  Say nothing.
Cover your ears as the whistle calls an awful silence
Just before the lights flash
Just before the bombs strike
Cover your eyes, cover your mouth
Before the dust and ashes rise
Before the blood runs.
Talk is cheap; this war is just
One among many 
Who will speak if not for me?  

(M E 2014)



  1. This is so moving, thank you for posting, it so easy to be wrapped up in our own lives, to notice but not really think through what others are going through.