Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
Handspun Tapestry Weaving

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Slow But Steady: Weaving at Prairie Sky School Session 6

When I arrived at Prairie Sky School this morning, the group tapestry looked like this:

The serpent/snake's body was nearly finished, as were the tree trunks.  K., M., P. and I worked on this loom while the rest of the students worked on their bags.  Z. finished his, so we made a twisted cord which he stitched around the top, sides and bottom.  Here he is, with the final product:

I'm always amazed at how different cloth looks, once the ends are woven in and some trim is added.  

Several others should be finished weaving their bags by next week.  Remember this bag, from Session 5?:

This is how it looked by the end of this morning:

Here's the group tapestry as I left it at lunch time.  K. had the brilliant idea to use rya knots for leaves. I am especially impressed by the tree trunks; they move back and forth like gnarled wood:

We're over one quarter of the way through the weaving on the group tapestry.  We have a way to go, but our progress is steady and everyone's weaving looks wonderful.  It was a beautiful day to weave!



  1. ooh, weaving. I'm a fairly beginner weaving, done some tapestry & playing on my RH loom. Your work in progress looks lovely

  2. The students are doing a fantastic job on this piece and on their bags!