Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
Handspun Tapestry Weaving

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Prairie Sky Weaving: Session #5

We've reached the mid-point of my residency at Prairie Sky School and things are progressing nicely.  I arrived at school this morning to this:

The students had woven several centimetres of the tree trunks and the background.  That bright green on the left side of the work is the beginning of a snake/serpent.

Everyone worked on her/his bag.  The colour combinations are striking and quite a few bags contain explorations in textures and shapes:

Some of the bags are nearly finished:

Much to her delight (and a little relief, perhaps), Ms. W. finished her bag.  Once the ends are tidied and trim is applied, the bags look quite different.  Here is Ms. W.'s bag, front and back:

K. has taken the lead in weaving the larger tapestry, so he and I worked on it, with some of the other boys taking turns.  By the end of the morning, the serpent has appeared behind the trees, the tree trunks are nearly completed and we're ready to start weaving the hills:

By next week, some of the bags should be ready to come off the looms.  We'll be making twisted cords for the trims and finishing the weaving on these smaller tapestries.

A morning of weaving, an afternoon at the studio, knitting and yoga, an evening with family and friends-it's been a lovely day.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it so.


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