Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sanctuary: Life, The Trailer

Here is our happy little home for the next while, a 20 foot trailer:

On the first day of our journey, the wind was so wicked that we filled the tank just outside Medicine Hat and just made it to Brooks on fumes.  (Really-bells were clanging; lights were flashing!)  We stayed here, at lovely Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, outside of Brooks, Alberta, on Nevell Lake, which was wild that day:

I always take a photograph as we enter the mountains, outside of Calgary, Alberta, near Canmore:

A ten hour drive on Day Two brought us to Revelstoke, British Columbia, where there was a beautiful dog park:

Morris is an excellent traveller and is thrilled at the many dog parks available to him.  It is true-a tired dog is a happy dog:

The weather has been beautiful, hot and sunny, although there was a brief moment of snow going through the mountains.  We're now camped in Ms. DD's driveway.  Life is good and I'm grateful to be here.


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