Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Monday, 10 September 2012

On the Road Again: Always Be Prepared

We're on our way to BC, again, for a visit with the younger DD's.  Last year, I was stranded in a campground with no spinning or knitting projects and no fibre shops to be found.  Not this time: this trip, I'm well prepared.  This is my "in the truck" bag:

My hand spun wrap is spilling out of the top of my Namaste Laguna bag. (I bought this bag when they first came on the market and I've never regretted it.  It's been everywhere with me, holds a huge stash of stuff, fits under an airline seat and still looks brand new.) Next to it, barely in sight, is my Noro yarn, 3 balls of  Karuta, so that I can start another wrap when the current one is finished.  Next to that is a bag of colourful soy silk, ready to spin on a KCL interchangeable spindle.  (I'm taking that spindle so that I can spin from my stash and sample any fibre I may find.)  On the right side of the bag is a batt of wool, silk and yarn remnants I blended, which I'm spinning on my Hatchtown spindle.  (Sorry, Edward, the Tabachek spindles are too precious to take on a camping trip!)

Inside the bag are my iPod, camera and drawing materials.  The drawing and painting supplies fit in a zippered pencil case, which holds postcard size watercolour paper, a travelling paintbox, water pens and a stash of drawing supplies for sketching in the truck.

Just in case that's not enough, I have my two tahklis, miniature spindling bowls, and a supply of brown cotton bolls stored in the trailer, along with a couple of books, for my evening entertainment.  No bouts of camping boredom for this gal on cold, rainy nights.  I hope.

It's a good thing that Mr. DD travels light, with a sports bag and copies of the London Review of Books.  Between me and Morris (who, of course, must be well supplied), our tiny trailer is well-stocked and well-insulated.  Off we go!


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