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Study for Meditation Mat
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Monday, 17 October 2011

Road Apples: Things I've Learned About RV Camping

We arrived home safely after our first excursion in an RV.  I now know things I did not know before:
  • A 20 foot 5th wheeler is a big thing to haul behind a truck. 
  • A 20 foot 5th wheeler is a small thing to inhabit, especially if you share the space with a bull terrier.
  • Do yourself a favour--turn some of the living area over to the dog crate.  It will save you a lot of barking, of dog and shins.
  • Bullie snuggles on remaining couch with Mr. DD.  You nest in the sleeping compartment.  Tell yourself you always wanted a loft bedroom.
  • This late in the season, pack more wool socks, fewer pairs of blue jeans, more yoga pants.  You may not be practising yoga in a 20 foot RV, but you'll be comfortable.
  • This late in the season, a massive housecoat, pyjamas, sweater and wool socks are essential night attire.  You may even need those fingerless gloves.  Tell yourself you look cute.
  • Ignore the fact that Mr. DD carefully covers Morris's crate with a wool blanket each evening to protect Morrie from the chilly air and then proceeds to steal all the covers from you.
  • All RV camping sites are built near train tracks.  Trains in the Rockies pass over those tracks every half hour.  They echo off the mountains and are very noisy.
  • All RV sites on the prairies are built next to train tracks.  Trains on the prairies pass by every ten minutes.  They do not echo off anything.  They're just noisy.
  • Every train on the planet runs over the tracks at the RV site near Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Those trains run every five minutes, all night long.  Tell yourself that the noise of trains is soothing.  Practise your meditation on moving trains.  If you don't have one, you soon will.
  • Use this mantra: The railroad united Canada.  The railroad united Canada.
  • Take along many fibre projects.  Do not run out of knitting.  Bragg Creek merchants may or may not be whispering about the dishevelled camper running in and out of shops looking for yarn.  (I had the needles; I just needed the fixings.)
  • There are no yarn shops in Bragg Creek, Alberta.  The closest yarn store is in Cochrane, Alberta.  This is unacceptable.
  • There is such a thing as a knitting emergency.
  • If you don't have yarn, be sure to have a good supply of wine.  If you have neither, you're screwed.

  • RV camping is its own experience.  Take your time.  Have fun.  Enjoy the journey.  Morris did.



  1. Every word of it is true. I did get a lot of knitting projects finished. And Morrie had a wonderful time at the dog park every day. He's now on his couch,sulking about being home.

  2. So can I assume you finally bought the RV?! I'm a wee bit jealous. It sounds like a good adventure was had. You are welcome to bring the RV here next year - we only get trains once or twice a day! ;-)

  3. We finally did it! We thought about dropping by your place to see if you were around, but I needed to get back for work. Next year, when we come through, we'll plan a visit.

  4. Ha! Ha! Love the post - sounds like you had front seats to the "Canadian Railway Trilogy". We never had an RV, but we did have an old 1974 16' Southpark Trailer parked at a campground for 3 years... try two adults, two boys, one springer spaniel and no toilet! Glad to hear Morris had it so good.

  5. Morris always has it good. He sulked for 3 days when we got home because his life has returned to normal, i.e., boring.

  6. Our cat Nefy loves the 5th wheel trailer and wonders why we move back into the house after a holiday. She sits on the trailer steps often hoping we will come to our senses and move back in.