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Study for Meditation Mat
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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Howl: Frankensocks

I spun this rather lovely sock yarn last year.  The wool was Merino, too soft for socks to suit my tastes, but I spun it tightly and chain plied it.  It's firm, knits up into socks that fit both Birks and boots and the colours are very pretty. 

The socks turned out well, too, mostly.  I knit them up on small needles, with 2/2 ribbing for the legs so that the socks will stay up.  The heels and their turnings are padded and the socks fit tightly on my feet; these socks won't slip and creep.  They're finished nicely-in theory, I could wear these babies inside out. 

There's one small problem:

Yup.  Completely. Totally. Mismatched.  Not even close.  In a world where it's perfectly acceptable to knit fraternal socks, these would be the orphans in the bunch.

Do I know what happened?  Not a clue.  You see, I didn't bother to label this wondrous sock yarn, so I don't know how I managed this impressive feet  feat. 

Sock #3 seems to be knitting up differently yet again.

I'll wear the um, pair?  They're still nice socks.  I can amuse people by my apparent incapability to dress myself.  Who knows, by the time I finish knitting up all the yarn, perhaps I'll have something resembling a matched set. 

Either that, or I'll have the nicest dusting mitts/socks around.

Happy Halloween!


  1. They may not match but they are very beautiful - I would wear them proudly anyway and most definitely not use them for dusting!

  2. When I was still in the classroom, the fashionable socks were totally mismatched. The girls would exchange one sock of the pair with a friend so that they wore the same non-matching pairs.

  3. Well, as you aware, Susan, I am known for my fashion sense (or lack thereof). Sock #3 is different yet again, with the addition of a shift in grist. Who knows what will happen with Sock #4?!

  4. Maybe the yarn has a VeRy long repeat?