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Study for Meditation Mat
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Roadie: Heading Out on a Quick Trip

By the time you read this post, I'll be riding in a van packed with guitars, drums, amplifiers and various other equipment, heading out to Kelowna with two musicians to participate in a benefit Young Ms. DD has organized for The Okanagan Humane Society. We're driving out; Son Howler (aka Young Mr. DD and his drummer, D) are playing for the evening and then we're driving straight back. I'm supplying support and silent auction items. I've promised not to sing. Or dance. Or otherwise display my lack of musical talent.

I'm not the best traveller, so it may be a gruelling trip, but I'm excited to go and how many women my age can boast about being a roadie for a rock and roll band? It's an opportunity to visit with Ms. DD, whom I haven't seen since Christmas and to discuss her plans for her new home, which we'll get to see next month on a return visit. I'll ride through the mountains I love so much, smell the forests and hear the ravens call.

When I get back, I'll be planning for Level 4 of the Olds College Master Spinner Certificate Programme. It will be all Level 4, all the time, so I appreciate these breaks to the mountains perhaps more than I usually do.  The mountains and forests are healing places, places for the body, for the mind, places of my heart. Perhaps I'll see a bear or two, maybe glimpse a big-horned sheep, watch the rivers run. Perhaps I'll sleep in the darkness through the entire trip there and back. No matter. All will be well. (There will certainly be some flowers.) See you when I get back!

(Happy Birthday to my dear Young Mr. DD! May you be happy. May you be well.)

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