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Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Just Came Back: A Normal Life

Reality joined me yesterday.  Friday was a day of dealing with illness in the family, a potential marital breakup (not ours, we're too tired to bother) and various other dramas.  The cat has the runs, giving a new outlook on the phrase, "I'm so happy to see you, I could just shit."  Welcome back home to the DD's.

Isn't this always the way?  We move from highs to lows and back again, from profound experiences on mountain tops to trying to wipe a cat's filthy bottom, without that being the last thing you do. (Mick does not appreciate my efforts.) It's an endless, perfect cycle of the ordinary and it makes me laugh.

In the interest of life's basic silliness, I thought I'd offer a couple of fibre pictures.  This is a photo I took of my spindle and yarn in a meadow near our campsite in Kelowna.  I took great pains to wrap the yarn carefully around the spindle arms, creating an Oyo de Dios in the process.  It's beautiful, orderly, made with attention, a symbol of how we wish life to be:

The next photo is of the socks I knit on the road, socks knit while waiting at highway construction sites, or while hiding out from heat or rain in the trailer. They're knit with spare time, if such a thing can be said to exist. I broke my needles on the second pair and had to knit with mismatched sizes, so one sock is tighter than the other. Neither pair matches any closer than "fraternal twins." The tension is a bit sloppy. Young Ms. DD aptly named them "Dorky Socks." They're goofy and fun and they will do just fine. Such socks tucked into winter boots always make me smile, because we are so self-conscious these days that even our shoes and their liners must be either sexy or serious. Not these footies-they definitely don't fit in high heels, even if I owned such creatures:

And so it goes.  Everything in its time, all part of the process, from singing mountains and barking Ravens to cats who howl and slash at the indignity you are offering them, when you are only trying to help.  It's a beautiful day. Have a great one!



  1. I think they are fabulous - love the pops of colour!

    1. Thank you! It's too hot to wear them right now, but they cheer me up just looking at them.