Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beautiful Day: Small Thoughts in a Big Land

It's a breezy, sunny day, although thick grey-blue clouds are building over the mountains to the south.  Disarmingly tame quail walk about our campsite, bobbing their silly fascinator heads and singing songs unfamiliar to me.  I'm hanging out here with Morris while Mr. DD and young Ms. DD run errands.

I've spent the morning sipping coffee, sketching memories of our trip out here, knitting socks and listening to local CBC radio.  If I was a braver person, that's all I'd do, but the existence of small devices to keep me "in touch" with the digital world sing a siren song that I can't  don't resist. These tools aren't all bad, of course: we have no cellphone, so my iPad provides a way to make plans with the children and friends in the area. I do remember past camping trips where there was nothing but us, a tent and the forest.  We all survived somehow, although I don't miss tenting one bit.

Our little camper is my art studio on wheels.  I sit in the loft bedroom (actually, the place where the mattress sits over the truck box in the fifth wheel).  I used to dream of a time when we'd travel about while I pursued my artistic interests in various parts of the country.  Now, we're doing just that, despite or perhaps because of some serious setbacks in getting to this point.  It's a wonderful, privileged life and I am grateful for it.

Outside, the quail go walkabout and sing.  It's a beautiful day.

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