Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
Handspun Tapestry Weaving

Monday, 21 October 2013

Plain Blue Socks

In stillness
By your bed
I knit.
Hands busy, I wait
For your breath, small, quick.
I count the spaces between
The life stitched together,
A fragile thread that clings
When spirit longs to go.
The fabric slides through my fingers
As breath by breath, you slip away.

Still, I knit
Now, counting, shaping, turning
Quiet memories, yarns, simple stories bound together
In and out
I knit with the breath.

Such small things, though bound with love,
Cannot keep you warm
In this journey, in the steps you take along this path.
This offering is for another.
For you, I only watch and wait
In, out, breath by breath.

Still, Now, by your bed
I sit and knit.
Busy hands still,
I knit to stitch my heart together.
This one done, comes another
In, out, breath ceases.
Now begins, again, once more.
(M.E. 2013) 


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