Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hide and Seek: Tapestry Weaving Diary Days Five and Six

The week began with adventures in Colin's Level 1 and 2 Yoga class.  Colin is a great story teller and uses those skills to guide us into asana sequences.  Monday's "play time" was a game of Hide and Seek: exploring the integration of body and mind, taking peeks at where our fears, joys, limits and possibilities might be, having a general look around.  We moved from Downward Dog into Upward Bow in a series of small adjustments and transitions.

Although I haven't done Upward Bow for decades, I was willing to give it a try, with Colin's support.  I didn't quite make it-my hips got stuck when it came to rolling over.  (Apparently, I have been spending too much time with Morris, the bull terror, who wouldn't roll over on command for anyone else no matter how many cookies you tossed at him.)  The attempt and effort was fun. My intention is to try again soon.

Between the back bends and the time spent dancing around the studio working out a movement meditation for spinning, I was more than a little "up" for most of the day.  Body, mind and mouth were full of energy; when early evening came around, I was exhausted from the adrenalin surges.  I'm still tired today, so I slowed things down a bit by working on the Tapestry Diary.  It felt like a good day to practise weft interlocks.  I do not enjoy double weft interlocks, so that is where I brought my attention.  Day Five and Six:

Double weft interlocks can appear rather raggedy when you weave them. This is what the double weft interlock looks like from the back:

When you peek around to the front side, things smooth out.  Hidden away in those jagged efforts are lovely transitions of colour, each block securely integrated into the next by attention to the joins.  (If only my asana practice would move so smoothly!):

I start my contract at Prairie Sky School tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to introducing the children to the wonders of tapestry weaving.  Who knows what we'll discover when we play a game of Artful Hide and Seek?


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