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Study for Meditation Mat
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Shine On: Reflections on the Moon

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The Moon was amazing last night-near full, bright, large and beautiful.  Donna pointed it out to me as we drove home from yoga classes; it was so low on the horizon, so unexpected, that I wasn't sure I was looking at a celestial object.  The sight of Her was a perfect ending to our practice of Breath and Meditation, then a Level 2 class in which Heather spoke of cycles of creation, experience and destruction, in which nothing remains except the core which is our True nature, the Watcher who takes in all.

This morning, I mentioned the Moon to a friend of mine who is currently travelling in Asia. We chat back and forth via email on a regular basis; she tells me of her experiences in whatever hot, balmy and humid place she's in at the moment and I keep her informed of what is happening at home.  (It's NOT hot, balmy or humid.)  She emailed back that she had seen the same Moon-wasn't it breath-taking?

Well, yes She was and not just for the visual beauty of it.  Reading that email, sharing an experience with a friend who is half a world away reminded me of how we are all connected. No matter how different we are, no matter how far apart, or how different our perspectives, we all share a common planet under the same skies.

It's such an obvious thing and yet how often I forget it. It would have been helpful to remember our shared experience in class last night, as I was shaking and toppling over in my efforts to balance on one leg.  (At one point, it must have looked as though I was practising yogic collapsing.) Rather than feeling frustrated at my lack of skill and grace, I can remind myself that we share a practice, building our pose, enjoying it for a brief time and then letting it go.

The Moon shows us the same cycles of creation to destruction.  From Earth, it appears that She waxes and wanes, sometimes discreetly, occasionally in spectacular fashion as She did last night.  Sometimes, we can't see Her beauty, because She's hidden by clouds or city lights.  Whether we see Her or not, we know that She is always there, affecting the ocean tides, the rhythms of the Earth and the Beings on it.  Just like the Watcher within us, She takes in all.

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