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Study for Meditation Mat
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Amy: A SOAR Wrap

Amy was inspired by two people I met at SOAR: Amy Tyler, who gave a great 3 day workshop, Spin/Knit Nexus, and Amy Clarke-Moore, who worked above and beyond the call of duty to keep SOAR running smoothly.

I started the wrap using my hand spun 2 ply natural black alpaca with flecks of silk noil mixed through it, a yarn I’d brought with me to SOAR, just in case I ran out of yarn (hahahahaha!).  I spun the designer yarn in Amy’s class, using wool roving she supplied.  Although we were to spin samples for our notebook, I decided to spin the yarns (which Amy T. named, “pill bugs,” “snarls,” “wraps” and “marls”) into one unit.  I had 50 metres of the designer yarn and an unknown amount of the alpaca, for a total weight of 150 grams.  The gauge is approximately 3 stitches per inch/2.5 cm. but can be varied to suit your yarns and the amounts you have on hand.

This small wrap fits under your coat for warmth in the winter or works as a wrap for chilly evenings indoors.  You can wear it with the ends in front, the looped section at your neck with the ends hanging down the back or over one shoulder.  If you use a designer yarn, as I did here, you can wear it with the wild sections on the outside, or turn it inside out for a more sedate look.

The pattern is very simple: a long rectangle, with a finished length of approximately 50 inches/125 cm. and a width of about 8.5 inches/21-22 cm.  Main Yarn (A) alternates with Designer Yarn (B).  A is worked in various stitches, while B is worked in stockinette stitch throughout.


Using Main Yarn (A)-in this wrap, the alpaca/silk and appropriate circular needle to give gauge, cast on 151 stitches.  Knit 1 inch/2.5 cm in garter stitch, changing yarns after a wrong side row (WS).
Change to B and knit approximately .75 inches/2 cm. in stockinette stitch.

With A, knit 4 rows seed stitch. (Knit 1, Purl 1 every row.)
With B, knit .75 inches/2 cm. in stockinette.
With A, knit 1.5 inches/3.25 cm. in garter stitch.
With B, knit .5 inches/1.25 cm. in stockinette.
With A, K1, *yo, K2tog,* for 2 inches.
With B, knit 4 rows in stockinette.
With A, knit .5 inches/1.25 cm. in seed stitch.
With B, knit .5 inches/1.25 cm. in stockinette.
With A, knit 1 inch/2.5 cm. in garter stitch.

Bind off all stitches loosely in pattern.  Wash in a no rinse wool wash product and block flat to dry.

Fold this fabric lengthwise in half (to approximately 25 inches/63 cm.).  Beginning at ends opposite loop formed by the fold, and using an invisible seaming stitch (I used mattress), sew the long ends of the fabric for about 12 inches/30 cm.

Wear with pride!

©d. behm 2012

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