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Study for Meditation Mat
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

One For the Road: Heading Out to SOAR

The bags have been packed.  And unpacked.  Then packed, again.  I'm almost ready for the big event, but right now, I'd love to be travelling with a few clothes, spindles and knitting needles thrown into a backpack.  Sorting out what I need to take to the conference reminds me of how we can be encumbered by Stuff.  (I hope I remember this when the market opens next Thursday!)

I'm not taking a computer; I don't own a cellphone, so this will be the last post before I leave Saturday morning.  I will be taking my camera and sketch equipment, so I should have lots of pictures to post and tales to tell when I get home. 

The conference is being held at a mountain resort.  Mountains are one of my favourite healing spots.  Those massive rocks and ancient trees remind me that I am just a small part of the planet, that I need to give back to the Earth which provides so well for me.

So, here I go, away on what I'm sure will be a wonderful adventure, with new people to meet, fresh ideas to ponder and much beauty to behold.


Happy Birthday to my beloved Mr. DD.  I'm sorry I'm missing the big event!


  1. Hope you are having a wonderful time! Can hardly wait to hear about your adventures! Hope you were able to get in and out without a hitch before the Sandy storm hit the East coast...

    1. We had delays getting home because of Sandy, but no storms. It was a all great fun and adventure!