Study for Meditation Mat

Study for Meditation Mat
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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Going to the Country: Off We Go!

This will be my last post until I return from Olds Fibre Week.  I'm planning to use my free time there as a bit of a retreat, so I'm leaving laptop and phone at home ( landlines don't travel well).  In the interest of full disclosure, I will be taking my IPod to use in classes and the camera is packed, so I should have lots of photographs of our trip.

I'm taking a few yoga classes before I leave.  Last night, I attended Sarah's C.A.T./Critical Alignment Therapy class (click on the name for the link).  Scott was teaching; he led us through a series of breathing exercises and slow, focused movements designed to realign our spines, relax  our muscles and bring energy and renewal to mind and body.

It was wonderful.  At one point, I felt as my body was floating away and I knew that I was perfectly well, that my body knew how to heal itself and that I was doing exactly what I should to help it.  I suspect I'll add this class to my list of "must do's."

The C.A.T. class made me realize how tight our muscles become when we sit in chairs, lean over a wheel to spin or repeat the motions required to whirl our spindles.  We need something to counter those efforts, to restore some balance to our bodies and our minds.

Yoga, with its meditative focus, is rather like plying yarn.  Just as we balance the twist in yarns by moving them together carefully in opposition to their spinning direction, yoga realigns body and mind, uniting the two into a stronger whole.  Slow, methodical movements take us out of the rush of our day, just as a slow, steady plying rate soothes our spirit, evens our threads and makes for better-balanced yarns (and spinner).

I'm off to a final class this evening.  I'm not sure what I'll take.  There is a Yoga for Backs, which I haven't tried and a Level I Yoga which would provide a good pre-travel stretch.  I think I'll just go with what feels like the right choice when I arrive.

Take care, everyone, and enjoy the Solstice!


Photograph from Google Public Domain Images

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